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As we approach the end of 2016, we are faced with uncertain times ahead. The year’s election, after a long and difficult campaign, has fueled a backlash of fear and hate against our community both locally and across this country. The attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. The murder of 25 trans* people in the United States this year. The Rainbow Flag burning at the Albany Damien Center. The pro-Trump anti-LGBTQ harassment of a lesbian family in Guilderland. These tragedies and painful incidences have hit us all hard with a cold reminder of impact of hate-fueled violence against us. Even members of our own LGBTQ community have lashed back at us out of frustration and anger. The sense of hopelessness, despair and isolation has run rampant across our community as people come to terms with the election and growing violence in its wake.

In the darkest of times, look for the light! The Pride Center of the Capital Region has been a beacon in this community since 1970 and seen the darkest of times for nearly 50 years. We are a safe space and a refuge, a sanctuary and a home, we are community and support, guidance and reassurance, a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on, a rally cry and an advocate, we are the heart and soul at the center of our lives. Now more than ever, we as a community must come together to stand united against the darkness. The Pride Center is a place to gather. The Pride Center is a guide to organize. The Pride Center is a force for equality and justice. The Pride Center empowers our community!

Right now, it is so important to support the efforts to fight fear and hate in our own community and provide outreach, programs, support, training and education to those who need it the most in our Capital Region. The Pride Center needs YOUR support to be able to continue to do this work in the direst of times. Your support will give us the ability to deliver our much-needed message to the furthest corners of the Capital Region. Your support will empower us to continue to advocate for equality and fight hate. Your support will allow us to keep our doors open to the community and provide for those in need.

Donate Now- The Pride Center reaches over 30,000 people each year throughout the Capital Region

Thanks to donors like you, LGBTQ people and our families get the support and resources they need, and for over 45 years, the Pride Center continues to educate and raise awareness about LGBTQ issues in order to make the Capital Region more inclusive for everyone.

How the Pride Center’s Expenses are Allocated: