Image depicting the objective of new All Together Now campaign. Communication in a blue block, connection in a green block, counseling in a pink block, & continuation in yellow block.

Letter to Our Community

It was a bumpy 2020 and a bumpy start to the new year, but we’re ready to make changes that will grow and support the Capital Region’s LGBTQ+ community in the way you deserve. 

Over the past few months, organizations similar to ours have been dealt a pretty bad-hand due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We in particular were left without our Capital PRIDE Parade and Festival in 2020, endured cancellations of numerous groups and event activities, loss of funding opportunities, and more.

At the start of the year both Executive Director & CEO, Martha Harvey, and Director of Programs, Andromeda Indardeo, stepped down from their positions due to budget restrictions. While their roles have yet to be fulfilled, we will be discussing staffing options throughout the year and accepting recommendations from the community. For now, their responsibilities have been absorbed by remaining staff, Board members, and volunteers. 

In addition to the change in our staff, the Pride Center Board has turned over terms for officer positions. We’ve also added new members from various industries within the Capital Region that can better help community members in medical, law, and financial challenges. Our new Officer members include:

  • President John Daniels, VP of Marketing of Transfinder. Pride Center board member since 2015.
  • Co-Vice President Ulysses deArmas, Associate Director of Admissions of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Pride Center member since 2019.
  • Co-Vice President Scott Levine, Business Manager of Waterworks Pub. Pride Center member since 2006.
  • Treasurer Stephanie Slominski CIA, Chief Auditor of the Albany County Comptroller’s Office. Pride Center member since 2003.
  • Secretary Meghan Baxter, LMSW, Social Worker at Albany Medical Center. Pride Center member since 2017.

More information about the Pride Center Board and staff will be forthcoming in the March issue of our magazine, CommUNITY. If you or someone you know would like to serve close to the Board or on a committee, please contact for more information.

Most importantly, we are working on a new revitalization campaign. Despite the setbacks of the past year, we are ready to provide the best support we can and to continue our mission of serving the LGBTQ+ community. Our new campaign called All Together Now, puts the Pride Center’s communication and resources to the forefront and will be used to reconnect with the community and those we strive to uplift.

A few key initiatives we’d like to start with are: 

  • The organization will revamp communication methods on various digital platforms and mailing lists to better understand the community’s voice and express the Pride Center’s operations. 
  • The Pride Center hopes to connect to local community organizations that serve these groups and learn from them through collaborative projects and an exchange of resources. Engaging in strong partnerships with other community organizations.
  • Due to the hardships and strife of the past year, the Pride Center will expand mental health counseling, resource guides, and educational training throughout the Capital Region.
  • The Pride Center will secure funding to keep its primary services and support groups open to the community for many years but, most importantly, to get past the hardships of COVID-19. 

We hope to continue building upon our campaign with frequent updates on new programs, events, donation announcements, and so much more. To stay updated and get involved please visit the

Finally, we ask for your patience while we work out the kinks and bring back our Pride Center from COVID-19’s effects. To keep our doors open, keep our staff, and most importantly run our  mental health and counseling programs, we need commitment from you, the donor community.

We are hoping you’ll donate and donate strongly. Your Pride Center needs you. Your legacy of caring and compassion allows us to continue our mission before, during, and after this pandemic. 

On behalf of the Pride Center staff and board, we thank you and we are excited to get started!

For any questions, please contact our interim Communications Director, Joanne Georges at