During this time of thanks, I have been reminded, once again, how precious our community is. In Thanksgiving’s early morning hours, I received a phone call from the Albany Police Department informing me of a shooting incident that occurred at ROCKS nightclub. Four people were shot, one of which died from their injures. The APD assured me that this was not biased related but a personal issue between the people involved. Regardless, an act of violence happened in one of our community spaces and a life was lost in one of our sanctuaries. I am grateful that Peter, Lance, the staff of ROCKS and other patrons were not injured and that everyone is safe. As a testament to their unbreakable spirit, ROCKS will be open today to welcome our community in for Thanksgiving.

This has been a very trying year, with many obstacles and tragedies that have hit us all, especially in the last few weeks. But I would like to give thanks to this amazing community that always comes together to support each other; to the Pride Center staff, Board of Directors and volunteers that continue to serve our people even in the darkest of times; to our fellow LGBTQ-serving organizations for being true partners in goods times and bad; and to you- for being a part of our family and your continued support!

With wishes of gratitude, love, and well-being,



Michael Weidrich
Executive Director