Post Presidential Election: Community Resiliency & Strength

My fellow community members,

Once again, I come to you with a heavy heart after hearing the news of the candidate that was elected President. This decision was a shocking upset that now has our community numb and afraid. While the future of where our country will go under the new President-elect is unclear , the rhetoric of fear and hate that has spread across the land during this campaign has fueled the fire of homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism and more. Even in our Capital Region, there have been incidences of hate committed in his name.

While today seems dark, we as a community have been though tougher times and have survived. We, as an LGBTQ people, have an amazing resiliency and strength that has been passed from generation to generation and we will be prepared for the days to come. We, as a movement, have been fighting for equality and justice since 1969 and we are not prepared to stop or surrender!

Now more than ever, the Pride Center of the Capital Region will be there as a beacon of light in dark times, a sanctuary for the oppressed, a refuge for the marginalized, a convener of community for support, a catalyst for unity and an advocate for equality and justice. Together, we must stand vigilant and face the challenges to come!

In the spirit of a united community, In Our Own Voices (IOOV) and the Pride Center will continue to create a safe space for LGBTQ individuals to discuss current concerns, questions, and/ or issues surrounding the results of the current election. We have heard our community cries, fears, and doubts.

There is hope! We are continuing to work with our local LGBTQ community, IOOV, and other partners in the fight for social justice partners to formulate ways to move forward and create solutions.  Our programs and services our hear to help support you.We invite you to connect with your community, to discuss your fears and concerns, share your ideas, and unite in the safe space provided at your Pride Center.  Follow us on Facebook for announcements on future community action. Check out our calendar and connect with Center Youth, Family Pride, Men’s Pride, Trans* PrideVintage Pride, or our  Women’s Pride programs. There is hope!

“Please, please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it. It’s always worth it.” –Hillary Clinton

Be well and be safe,

Michael Weidrich
Executive Director & CEO