Welcoming Troy Church Receives New Pastor

Photo Credit: Mike McMahon — The Troy Record

The First United Presbyterian Church of Troy has received and welcomed The Reverend Gusti Linnea Newquist as pastor to partner with the congregation in its mission of inclusiveness and social justice.

The church, located in downtown Troy at 1915 Fifth Avenue, has long been an advocate for equality, inviting all people of every background, condition, gender orientation and expression into its life and ministry.  (Please see ads in our online edition of CommUNITY.)

Newquist began her pastorate in May and was officially installed into her position in June.  She describes herself as a poet, a preacher, a teacher, and a lover of souls.  She was looking for a church that is committed to social justice, is open and affirming, and seeking creative leadership.  She brings her commitment as a pastor with experience among diverse populations, and a background in a broad range of social ministries and justice advocacy.

Her previous ministries include national church service with the National Network of Presbyterian College Women, and parish ministry in Tucson, AZ and San Antonio, TX.  She completed her Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School.

She is excited to be a part of the Collar City church and has been getting to know this community and its needs.  She is delighted to have found “the perfect match” at First United.