Working with LGBTQ people ages 55 and over

For the LGBTQ community, the experience of growing older has unique challenges. We often face a system which may have limited experience with LGBTQ people and this can compound many of the problems that affect the LGBTQ community more powerfully, including feelings of depression and isolation.

Similarly, people in the field of elder care may be unprepared to support LGBTQ seniors, their partners, caregivers, or family structure. The goal of the Vintage Pride program is to raise awareness about the needs of the LGBTQ aging population.

Interesting in Volunteering?

Vintage Pride includes:

Social and Educational Events

Connecting LGBTQ seniors to each other and the broader community with monthly social gatherings.

Collaboration with Senior Service Providers

Working with senior service providers to make their services more welcoming, conscious, and effective for all seniors, including LGBTQ individuals

Provider education includes:

  • Review of provider policy, documentation, and literature to maximize inclusiveness
  • Service-specific training for providers on the unique social and legal issues that LGBTQ seniors face and the people who care for them.

For more information on Vintage Pride, or to schedule a training with your agency, contact the Pride Center at 518.462.6138