The Romaine Brooks Gallery is proud to present Eileen Clynes as the featured artist at for the month of November. Her work is vivid, fresh and nothing like you have seen before. It will make for a wonderful 1st Friday show. Clynes choice of medium is digital photography. ‘I photograph and work in the media to take pieces of images and put them together along with Photoshop techniques and effects”. “Finding the right model, fabric and objects to make it all come together is a process”.

When asked who inspired her, Clynes responded with a colorful and imagination filled story of her family. “Growing up with Aunt Nana inspired me artistically. She was always taking me to the museum and introducing me to art. And of course every weekend visit I had with her would also include going to the cathedral on Sundays. To stay awake, I would make up stories of the Saints and the holiness that surrounded the ceilings of the cathedral”.

“I was born and raised in Albany coming from an Irish Catholic family. Growing up Catholic has inspired the work I do now. I am now a recovering Catholic, but religious art was my first introduction to art”. “I think that is why it has always fascinated me. I grew up in a home where there was a picture of Jesus whose eyes would follow you and a statue of Saint Jude on the television. Our dysfunctional family was always protected by the divine”.

When asked the purpose of her art, Clynes responded with “to keep the viewer visually interested and to free them from their sins”. Her show is titled ‘Exceptional Holiness’ and “inspired from my upbringing and my fascination of religious art”. “This series really started with a project I had in my creative imaging class. For one of our finals, we had to make two images that were opposites. I did myself as a sinner and saint. I guess you could say my spiritual awakening began after this and I knew I wanted to start creating saints and holiness. My original Saint was of myself became my Saint Ortho (Birth Control Saint). “I am currently working on expanding the series. The next part will be with experimenting with the darker side of holiness”.

Clynes also attributes her personal life as an influence to her work. ‘Whether it be my religious upbringing or with my editorial work focusing on veterans and people battling cancer. I am a disabled veteran who loves to hear a good war story”. “Losing my mom and stepmother to cancer has driven me to tell peoples stories through my work. I think it’s always been there but it truly came to life when I started my series”.

Clynes received her A.A.S. with a concentration in Photography at Sage College in 2002. She graduated from New England School of Photography this year with a concentration in Creative Imaging and Editorial Photography with honors in Creative Imaging and Portfolio Design.

Eileen Clynes will be presenting her exhibition, “Exceptional Holiness”, at The Romaine Brooks Gallery on Friday, November 2, 2012 from 5 to 9 PM as part of Albany’s 1st Friday Events. The Romaine Brooks Gallery is located on the third floor of The Capital Region Pride Center at 332 Hudson Avenue, Albany, NY 12210