The PRIDE Show artist Poppy

David Rustin is the artist known as Poppy.

He is a life long resident of the capital district. David’s style of art is a combination of paper and acrylic, joint compound and acrylic or found objects.

He uses color to make a bold statement in some pieces and others to show movement.
In addition to the Romaine Brooks, Poppy has  show was in Boiceville, NY at the Boiceville Flower shop and Gallery, as well as in Troy and Schenectady,NY at local venues.

He feels that the most important part of his art is that it makes you feel something. If you like it, love it, hate it. It does its job as long as you walk away with an emotion.

Poppy was featured in It’s Men magazine’s February 27, 2014 edition.

The PRIDE Show + Fire & Flow

1st Friday | 6/6/14 | 5-9pm | FREE!

The Romaine Brooks Gallery at the Pride Center

 332 Hudson Ave, Albany | 1st Floor

#CapitalPRIDE  #PRIDEweek

PRIDE Show + Fire & Flow poster

The Romaine Brooks Gallery is the Pride Center’s very own art gallery. The gallery features a new show every month to coincide with Albany’s popular 1st Friday.

The Pride Show will highlight some of the amazing LGBTQA artists featured during the gallery’s 2013 season.

In addition to this special gallery show, we welcome members of the Fire and Flow Arts Collective of Albany. Fire spinning with props of many kinds and flowing with a bright glow into the night come out and meet some very different local talent all while supporting Capital PRIDE.



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