July 15, 2014

Pride Center Youth Scholarship Gets a New Name! (Video)

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Last Thursday, July 10th, the Pride Center held its annual Youth Scholarship Reception in Selkirk at the gorgeous Hudson River-side home of Tom & Lisa Evans. It was an incredibly successful evening where four remarkable LGBTQ youths were honored with scholarships to assist them with financing their future higher education goals.


Congratulations again to the following four scholarship recipients:

Anna Brewer

Taylor Keith

Troy O’Neill

AJ Rio-Glick

We wish them the best of luck with their future endeavors!


This year’s reception also marked the occasion of an exciting development for the future of the scholarship program. We are pleased to announce that starting next year, the Pride Center Youth Scholarship will be known as The David, Gladys and Candace Groudine Pride Center Youth Scholarship. 

This re-naming has taken place in honor of the Groudine’s, who have agreed to cover the scholarship cost for two youths in the coming years of the program. The Pride Center is incredibly grateful for this gift and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Groudine’s for all their support of the scholarship program and for their amazing generosity.


Watch video below of Pride Center Executive Director, Curran Streett, making this exciting announcement last Thursday at the Scholarship Reception:

July 2, 2014

The 2014 Pride Center Youth Scholarship Winners & Reception

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scholarship.jpgThe Pride Center of the Capital Region is pleased to announce the following youth as this year’s recipients of the 2014 Pride Center Youth Scholarship:



Anna Brewer
The Doane Stuart School

Taylor Keith
Albany Leadership Charter High School for Girls

Troy O’Neill
Tech Valley High School

AJ Rio-Glick
Bard College at Simon’s Rock


The 2014 Scholarship Reception 

Join us on Thursday, July 10th at the gorgeous home of Tom & Lisa Evans for a special evening honoring these remarkable youths with the 2014 Pride Center Youth Scholarship and help us fund the program for many years to come.


If you would like to join us in this celebration, kindly RSVP by July 7th to
Or (518) 462-6138
Congratulations again to all this year’s scholarship recipients!

May 28, 2014

Pride Center Executive Director Honored with Women of Excellence Award

Curran Streett, Executive Director of the Pride Center of the Capital Region
(Photo by Colleen Ingerto/Women@Work)

The Executive Director of the Pride Center, Curran Streett, has been honored by the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Business Council as one of this year’s Women of Excellence.

The Women of Excellence Awards, now in their 23rd year, honor successful, talented women who have made a major impact in the Capital Region in their professional fields.

There were seven honorees this year and Curran received her award in the category of Excellence in the Professions. Curran and the other honorees will receive their awards at a luncheon/ceremony this Friday, May 30th.

To see Curran’s thoughts on what this honor means to her and to read more about the other award winners, head on over to the Times Union blog for the full rundown on the Women of Excellence Awards.

May 12, 2014

Finally Out In the NFL

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In case you haven’t heard the word by now: the the National Football League (NFL) drafted its first openly gay player over the weekend when the St. Louis Rams picked 24-year old Michael Sam to play defensive end.

It should come as no surprise that the social media reaction to the Rams drafting Sam was swift, as it always is. Thankfully, most of those reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with even President Obama offering his congratulations in a statement released by the White House. Any unfortunate negative reactions that may have occurred in the social media-verse seemed to be mainly in reaction to Sam’s emotionally charged, celebratory kiss with his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. Sam and Cammisano’s kiss was aired live on ESPN after his draft pick was annoucned and some commentators, including former and current NFL players, used Twitter to make their displeasure clear about the kiss.

No matter what one’s opinion may be, this will surely go down as a historical moment in both sports and LGBTQ history.

May 8, 2014

Watch: Top Ten Ways to Give OUT: Tip #3

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Tip #3: Short and Sweet

Give OUT Day is 24 hours of LGBTQ and ally giving – and it’s your chance make a real difference, right here in YOUR community.  Show your love of an amazing organization, which gives so much to our LGBTQ community! Last year, the Pride Center of the Capital Region was #1 on the national leader board for smaller non-profits.  This year, with your help, we hope to place #1 again!

With your help we can place #1 again!

Give OUT Day is less than 10 days away!!!! Can you believe it?!

Another great way to connect with your friends and family is to use a piece of ever present technology to send a short but sweet message to Give OUT. What is it you may ask? Well, it’s your cell phone!

Most people’s cell phone’s (with the exception of a few analog hold outs and you know who you are!!!) have the ability to send and receive text messages.

So send a text message with the Give OUT Day link to all your friends, family and supporters on Give OUT Day and ask them to donate.
You can keep it short and sweet! Along with all of your other efforts through email, Facebook, Twitter and the like I think you will be able to reach a lot of folks with your message!

May 1, 2014

Getting Older Isn’t What It Used To Be-Aging in Transgender Communities

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Today we’re pleased to share a special complimentary online edition of our CommUNITY magazine feature, Trans View, by columnist Moonhawk River Stone. In keeping with CommUNITY‘s May theme of Vintage Pride, this month’s column focuses on the topic of aging in the transgender community. We hope enjoy the read.



Trans View #122 

by. Moonhawk River Stone

© 2014


            First off my heartfelt thanks to Loree Cook-Daniels for writing the Trans View guest column for the May 2014 CommUNITY. As an ally to transgender people Loree is without peer and has over the decades contributed mightily both to our knowledge about trans elders and services for them. I am so grateful for her, and for all of her steadfast hard work on behalf of LGBT people, especially transgender people.
            In my column, an online only companion column, I’m going to touch  base about some issues beyond policy making for older transgender people.
            Times are changing rapidly for LGBT people with the increasing recognition of same-sex marriage, the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) policy clarification for transgender marriages among them. I mean, who would have thought 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, that SSA  would be talking proactively about transgender marriages and clarifying policy so spouses receive the full benefits they are entitled to receive. I mean, really? For that we have the progress in same-sex marriage to thank as well as our own transgender advocates.
            Older transgender people come from basically four different cohorts:
1) people who transitioned medically and legally decades ago and have faded into the woodwork ; 2) people who did various kinds of transition related actions and never changed their documents, or had surgery (Billy Tipton, Virginia Prince come to mind here) and who lived very stealth (secret) lives; 3) people who transitioned medically and legally decades ago and who remained in the public eye; and 4) the ever increasing numbers of older transgender folks transitioning in their 60’s, 70’s and yes, 80’s who are seeking access to care in their elder years.
            Finding the transgender individuals in cohorts #1 and #2 is proving to be quite a difficult challenge. They are vulnerable populations, not connected to the larger trans communities, the result is that they may suddenly be outed without their permission, they may be denied health care, denied access to partner benefits from government agencies, denied inheritance, and suddenly find themselves homeless and without financial resources or face a premature death because they have avoided being seen in a health care setting because of their transgender status. They are a high risk population.
            Transgender individuals in cohort #4 are the emerging population gaining much notice in the media. People who have yearned their whole lives to transition, people who have had failed or truncated transitions are increasingly transitioning. People who have waited until their partner of many decades has passed are transitioning. One of the challenges here has to do with surprising adult children and grandchildren with news that has been kept secret for a long time. Most elderly transgender people do not have access to genital reconstruction surgeries, either the out of pocket cost is a choice between maintaining a retirement fund–and a standard of living or spending it on surgery. Many elderly transgender people have their social security money as their sole income. Medicare does not yet cover the cost of genital reconstruction surgeries (of any kind), but will cover the costs of mental health counseling and hormone therapy. The Veterans Administration has similar coverage. There is also prejudice within medicine about giving hormone treatment or surgical treatment to elderly people.  There is really not much known about the effects of hormones on elderly bodies, and treatment approaches are largely anecdotal. Elderly transgender individuals often have other health challenges which make surgery a more risky undertaking. Transition for older people brings a mixed blessing–getting to finally be who you are, but, maybe, not being able to surgically transition.
            Transgender elders also need to have access to proper legal advice in order to fully protect their assets and property and their identity. Many states have rigid rules about gender marker documentation and will not be flexible concerning that when a transgender person dies. Several high profile legal cases have involved the issue of late life transgender marriage, and inheritance with the transgender person being the one who suffers. Economic access to quality trans-legal services is also an issue in many localities.

            For the larger community and society, we are quickly closing a window of opportunity to collect the wisdom, the stories and the videos of transgender elders. Transgender elders can give us a very unique glimpse of transgender history from an individual perspective that is so valuable. It is important that we capture and remember the time before it all changed and transgender became (not quite yet, but almost) a household word. It’s something like the stories my grandfather told me about walking to school barefoot, and riding his horse when he got older to do errands for the family. Trans elders do really come from the last century one that saw tremendous change for transgender people. They have so much to offer us in stories of courage, survival, living one’s truth, and just how risky and closeted things were back then. They are pioneers to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude. Until next time…T

April 22, 2014

Watch: Top Ten Ways to Give OUT: Tip #7

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#7: Join the Team and Set Up Your Razoo Fundraising Page!

If you have not done so already go to the Pride Center of the Capital Region’s Give OUT Day Fundraising Page on Razoo.

With your help, we can place #1 again!

With your help, we can place #1 again!

If you are participating as a Give OUT Day Ambassador for the Pride Center of the Capital Region, I created a team page for all of us!  Please be on the lookout for an email from me with instructions on how to join our team!

It’s really easy and simple to create a fundraising page on Razoo! Please note there is no need to create two fundraising pages, so if you already set up your page you are good to go!


How to set up a Razoo Fundraising Page on the Pride Center Fundraising Page


  1. Go to
  2. Select “Fundraise for this Cause” on the bottom right hand side
  3. If you have not registered for Razoo before you may be prompted to register. If so follow the registration steps. And return to the Pride Center Fundraising Page at:
  4. Follow step 2.
  5. Create a project name. Something like: Give OUT Day 2014 – Your Name
  6. Then set up your page and set your fundraising goals for Give OUT Day.

How to set up a Fundraising Page on the Give OUT Day Ambassador Team Page

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Fundraise for this Team”, select “Fundraise”
  3. If you have not registered for Razoo before you may be prompted to register. If so follow the registration steps. And return to the Give Out Day Ambassador Page at:
  4. Follow step 2.
  5. Create you project name. Something like: Give OUT Day 2014 – Your Name
  6. Then set up your page and set your fundraising goals for Give OUT Day.

April 18, 2014

Top Ten Ways to Give OUT: Tip #8 (Video)

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#8: What’s a Tweet Anyway?

With your help, we can place #1 again!

With your help, we can place #1 again!

If you have a Twitter account follow The Pride Center of the Capital Region. You can also follow the Give OUT Day campaign on Twitter. Twitter uses handles to identify individuals or organizations.

You can follow the hyperlinks to get to the organization’s webpage:
@CapitalPrideCtr or
@GiveOUTDay or

Once you follow the Pride Center and Give OUT Day, you are free to tweet about Give OUT Day and your involvement with it! A tweet is a short message of 140 characters.

Conversations are started by using hashtags. So include The Pride Center of the Capital Region and Give OUT Day in your conversations about Give OUT Day! An example of a tweet might be:

Is anyone going to the @CapitalPrideCtr Give OUT Day party on May 15? #GiveOUTDay!

Make your tweets personal and informative. Most of all get the word OUT about Give OUT Day on May 15, 2014.

If you are saying to yourself right now “What’s a tweet anyway?” I am happy to help you with setting up a Twitter account or learning how to tweet so do not hesitate to contact me at .

Have an awesome day!!

April 14, 2014

Our Voice Is Our Weapon: Pride Writers’ Collective Workshop

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writers'Love to write? Then consider taking part in the Pride Writers’ Collective Workshop.

This group will be a space for LGBTQueer individuals of diverse ages, races, and cultural backgrounds to engage in a cross-community dialogue where members construct and share personal narratives about themselves, their identities, and how these identities can translate into collective community action.

Each week participants will read a short excerpt and write a 1-2 page (double-spaced) response to be read aloud during that week’s workshop. The group will meet every MONDAY from 7-9 PM for THREE MONTHS starting APRIL 21st. Interested participants should try to attend each session and write each week.


The deadline for those interested in attending the initial pilot workshop is April 18th


Click through here for complete registration information on the Pride Writers’ Collective workshop

April 10, 2014

Top Ten Ways to Give OUT: Tip #10 (Video)

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With your help we can make it to #1!

Give OUT Day is just about 30 Days away! Give OUT Day is 24 hours of LGBTQ and ally giving! Last year, the Pride Center of the Capital Region was #1 on the national leader board for smaller non-profits.  This year, with your help, we hope to place #1 again!  In getting ready for our Big Day OUT we will provide you with the Top Ten Ways to Give OUT! Let’s get started!


Top Ten Ways to Give OUT!

#10 Get Started – LIKE the Give OUT Day Facebook Page so you can stay connected with updates, important information, and more tips from the Give OUT campaign. Get connected to the Pride Center’s Facebook Page as well.


Look for these TIPS on the Pride Center’s Facebook page and here on our blog each Monday and Wednesday until May 15.


If you have questions or if you would like more information on Give OUT Day contact Pilar Arthur-Snead @ the Pride Center, . Have an awesome day!!

March 28, 2014

It’s Almost Time to Give OUT Again!

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The 1st Annual Give OUT Day, May 9th 2013, raised over $600,000! Close to 5,500 individuals supported over 400 LGBTQ nonprofit groups across the country.  WOW!

Youth In Power: Pride Leadership Camp, Summer 2013

The Pride Center of the Capital Region raised over $10,000 on Give OUT day last year. As a result, in Summer 2013 the Pride Center hosted the first ever Youth In Power: Pride Leadership Camp which brought together 20 young people, aged 13 to 18, who identify as LGBTQ and their allies. Youth In Power was designed to empower youth in self advocacy and social justice. Because of you, Give OUT Day was a huge success and had a direct impact on Pride Center programming.

If you can believe it, another year has passed and The 2nd Annual Give OUT Day will be here before you know it! On May 15 th, 2014 , thousands more will show their support for their favorite LGBTQ nonprofits!

What’s really exciting is that this is a national event, and last year we were #1 on the national leader board for smaller non-profits. This year we hope to place #1 again! WE NEED YOU!!!

Here’s 3 ways that you can help us out:

1) Mark May 15th, 2014, on your calendar and click here to schedule your donation. Your donation will not be processed until May 15th but you can schedule the donation TODAY!

2) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CapitalPrideCtr. You can help build a buzz by posting information about Give OUT Day on your Facebook page and Tweeting about it. Make sure to ask your friends to connect too!

3) Become an “Official” Give OUT Day Ambassador! On Give OUT Day, May 15th, 2014, you will be the Pride Center’s biggest fan! You will Tweet from the Tweet Deck, you will post to friend’s walls, you will email. You will sound the call to Give OUT!!!

Give OUT Day is your chance make a real difference, right here in OUR community.

So, show your love through Give OUT Day, and help grow this amazing organization, which gives so much to our LGBTQ community.

For more information contact:

Pilar Arthur-Snead, Development and Marketing Manager.


Phone: (518) 462 -6138.

March 24, 2014

PICTURES!: Pride Center Reps Capital Region @ 21st GLBT Expo in NYC

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This past weekend was the 21st Annual GLBT Expo at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, and members of the Pride Center staff headed on down to the Big Apple to help represent the Capital Region at the I Love NY booth (a big THANK YOU to I Love NY for inviting us down!). With thousands of members of both the LGBTQ community and allies in attendance, we had the honor of meeting some pretty amazing people at the Expo and found out about tons of LGBTQ owned (and LGBTQ friendly) businesses. Overall, it was an fabulous weekend, full of fabulous people and the Pride Center is honored to have been part of it. Check out some of our pictures from the weekend in the gallery below:












March 21, 2014

Is a Lunchbox a Trigger for Bullying?

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Can a lunchbox be a trigger for bullying?

The administrators at one North Carolina elementary school are saying it can be. Grayson Bruce, a 9-year old student at Candler Elementary School was recently forbidden from bringing his My Little Pony lunchbox, featuring the character Rainbow Dash (pictured on the right), to school after administrators said it was becoming a trigger for bullying.

Other children at the school had been calling Grayson names, in addition to hitting him. Bunscombe County School officials eventually decided that not allowing the bag to be brought in anymore would be the best course of action toward preventing further bullying.

Says Grayson’s mother, Nicola Bruce, of the incident:

“Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying, is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape. It’s flawed logic, it doesn’t make any sense.”

In addition, she says that the school should be punishing the bullies instead of penalizing her son for his choice of lunchbox. Writes Nick Duffy over on Pink News about the all gender appeal of My Little Pony:

Despite being perceived as ‘girly’, the TV show has built up a large following of male fans, old and young.

Click here to read the full story, courtesy of Pink News, then let us know what you think below.

March 20, 2014

Pride Banners on Broadway

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Want to know a great way you can raise LGBTQ visibility and awareness in the Capital Region during Pride Month (June) this year? Of course you do!

W’e’re happy to announce that throughout Pride Month this year Saratoga Pride (an affiliate of the Pride Center of the Capital Region) will be implementing Pride Banners on Broadway as part of the Saratoga Pride Visibility Project. Pride Banners on Broadway will consist of 20 custom-designed pride flags to be hung along Broadway in Saratoga Springs through the month of June. The pride flags will be re-hung in future years to coincide with other local and national Pride celebrations.

If you would like to be a part of the Saratoga Pride Visibility Project, it’s $100 to underwrite the cost of one of the flags and contributions can be considered tax deductible donations towards the Pride Center of the Capital Region. The deadline is Tuesday, April 1st, so hurry if you’re interested in this great opportunity!  

If interested, click on the form below, print it, fill it out and send it with your payment to :
Pride Center of the Capital Region
332 Hudson Ave
Albany, NY 12210
banners on broadway




March 17, 2014

(Not So) Private Content

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So what really happens to all that “private” information you share on gay social apps such as Grindr or Manhunt? What happens to all those (probably NSFW) pictures you’re uploading ? What about all the (also probably NFSW) conversations you’re having on those apps?

Today we want to share an article we came across on The Bilerico Project about the privacy risks involved in the unregulated world of gay social media apps. As the author, Norm Kent, points out in the article, what we don’t know about these app companies could be where the issue lies:

Who are the operators of these companies? Do you know anything about them? Are they storing your shared communications in a massive database accessible to them – but not to you? Are they secretly sharing it with others?

There are no regulations limiting who owns any of these companies.

Scared? You should be.

Every time you go online, you are not telling just that potential lover what you are into; you are creating a reservoir of information for some private business entity to collect about some of your most secret predispositions.

As with all social media, it’s a good idea to always think before you post something; you never know where it will end up. Give the whole article a read here, and feel free to chime in in the comments section with any thoughts you may have the matter.


March 14, 2014

Albany Bombers’ Blue vs. White Fundraiser Game

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Tomorrow night (Saturday, March 15th) at the Troy Knickerbacker Ice Rink is the Albany Bombers’ Annual Intrasquad Blue vs. White Fundraiser Hockey Game. A portion of the proceeds will be going towards the benefit of the Pride Center and members of the staff will be there representing (plus, we’ll be dropping the puck at the start of the game!).

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10 ($5 for students, kids under 10 are free) and includes skate rental fee, open public skating with the Bombers from 5:30-6:30 PM and admission to the Blue vs. White game starting at 7 PM. There will also be raffles, prizes and a special performance by the Capital Pride Singers!

Unfamiliar with the Albany Bombers? Well here’s some quick catch-up info for you, courtesy of the Albany Bombers’ website:

The Albany Bombers is an adult developmental, co-ed, LGBT and straight friendly ice hockey team. Founded in 2005, the current roster has over 20 players from around the capital district ranging in age from 19 to 55 years old. We pride ourselves on the inviting and inclusive atmosphere and our ability to welcome players of all ability levels and help them learn everything from fundamentals to advanced hockey skills.

You can also read more about the Albany Bombers in the March issue of our monthly magazine, CommUNITYRead it online or pick up a copy at one of the many locations throughout the Capital Region.

Hope to see you all there tomorrow night!

March 13, 2014

What does Yoga have to do with St. Patrick’s Day?!

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March is LGBT Health Month! We at the Pride Center wanted to take this opportunity to offer our community a variety of options for a  healthy positive lifestyle. Yes, HIV and STI information is so important. At the same time we believe that our health is much more complex than that. Health is also about our bodies, minds, spirits and general energy…health is also an opportunity to have fun while making room for self care!

Please join us this Saturday, March 15th @ 11am while we take a deep breath and learn light & easy yoga poses that are sure to leave you feeling nothing short of blissful.

David C. Vozzy, MSEd, 200 Hour RYT, will help you ease stress and invite calming peace to your day.  David has been practicing Yoga for almost three years, but decided early on that he wanted to spread the gift to others via teaching. He has a background in counseling, and is the author of two books; “LIGHT: A Book of Solace” and “Behold the Doctor” both available on Amazon. David is also the creator of “Loving Your Life in Eight Weeks;” a stress reduction class on Daily His desire is to use Yoga as a vehicle that will help clients travel to a place of self-realization and serenity.

Please bring yoga mat or towel. FREE ALL-AGES EVENT!

Snacks & recipes provided by Honest Weight Food Co-op!

The event will be held at the Pride Center of the Capital Region-332 Hudson Ave., Albany, NY 12210. 

For more information, please visit: 



March 12, 2014

Know Any Amazing People In Your Life?

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gala 2014

Of course you do!

The Pride Center of the Capital Region is seeking nominations for the 2014 Annual Awards to be given out at the Awards Gala on October 24, 2014.

Do you know someone in the Capital Region who does outstanding work for the LGBT community? If so, please review the award categories and submit your nomination today!

The nomination deadline is May 2, 2014.

To nominate an individual, business or organization, download the Nomination Form from and return it to the Pride Center Board of Directors, 332 Hudson, Albany, New York 12210 by fax to (518) 462-2101 or e-mail;

Awards will be selected at the discretion of the Pride Center Board of Directors. The Pride Center reserves the right to limit the number of awards and may not give awards in every category.

Final selections will be made by the Pride Center Board of Directors.

March 11, 2014

A Special Edition of CommUNITY’s “Ask Mark”

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We’re pleased to present a special edition of one of our CommUNITY columns, “Ask Mark” – we hope you find it useful, and interesting.  Be sure to check out the upcoming April issue of CommUNITY online or at pick up a copy at one of more than 200 locations in the Capital Region.



Dear Mark,

I am part of a same sex couple. We got married in New York this year. I have some prior stock losses to be carried over to 2013 and he has a lot of stock gains in 2013. Can we offset my losses against his gains?


At a loss.


Dear At a loss,

You are entitled to file as married filing joint or married filing separately. If you file jointly, your losses can offset his gains. But, if you file separately, you cannot do that for your prior separate losses. There are additional issues to consider which would take up more space than this column allows. Please contact me for a consultation.


Dear Mark,

I own a small farm in Schoharie County. I bought several thousand dollars of feed, all of which I did not use by the end of 2013. I was told that I have to inventor y the feed. Is this true?

Very Truly Yours,

Fed Up with Feed.


Dear Fed Up,

Most businesses must subtract ending inventory from their costs when calculating income. However farming is one of those businesses that does not require that, unless the payments for feed is so disproportionate to income that it distorts income. That is a somewhat subjective standard.



Dear Mark,

I gave my son a gift of 25 thousand dollars 2 years ago and my accountant filed a Federal gift tax return for me. I am wondering, don’t I have to file a New York State Gift Tax return too? I asked her and she said she would research it but she has not gotten back to me.




Dear Robert,

There is no longer a New York State Gift tax.

March 10, 2014

Tonight! The March Business Alliance Professional’s Networking Mixer

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Don’t Miss the Region’s Biggest LGBT Monthly Event!

Tonight (March 10th) is the March Business Alliance Professional’s Networking Mixer at Aperitivo Bistro in Schenectady!

This very well could be the most appetizing networking mixer you have ever been to, just check out Aperitivo’s menu if you don’t believe us. On hand tonight will be selected scrumptious items from the menu (you’ll have to show up to find out which ones, though!) and a cash bar.

So be sure to come and meet up with friends, distribute your business cards and make important business contacts. All while enjoying some of the finest food the Capital Region has to offer!

 $10 suggested donation @ the door. 



March Business Alliance Professional’s Networking Mixer


Aperitivo Bistro
426 State St, Schenectady


Monday, March 10th (tonight)
6-8 PM


Support the Pride Center Business Alliance Members, or become a member:

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